Something like 12 years ago Amy and I set off from The Burg for our first (of so many) visits to RVA. This was a time when we, like most, did not have a cell phone. So, in those wild and halcyon days before map apps and Siri, I watched my trusty Virginia Atlas and Gazetteer as we cut through the city on 95 to find a café on the east side of town.

We were heading to an early edition of Naked Songs.

We managed to find parking against a very overgrown hill (Taylor Hill) and walked to the neighborhood to the café (which is now Whisk).

We must have thought well enough of the location as we now live about a block from that café.

We must also have thought well of that songwriter’s showcase as I played it a number of times after that, connecting with a number of RVA songwriters I still know that were (and are) doing work I still enjoy (and, in some cases, play in the band of).

So glad to be part of bringing Naked Songs back to RVA this month and look forward seeing it continue and grow. Listening rooms are a dream for songwriter and this is a great one.