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architectures of earth still

I have always had a fascination with images. Not being particularly adept at drawing or paining, photography has always had a strong draw. Where these images have begun to intersect with my music has allowed me to create a focused, idiosyncratic approach to how I collect moments through images.

This page features visual collections of images that feature together because they share a similar aesthetic objective and/or final plan for use. Other images, more free form, will feature on blog posts.

Visuals Hero2 by Amy Woodruff

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Video Hero<br />

A series of visual tone poems examining how visual stillness can inspire both quiet and drama. Soundtracked by improvisational acoustic guitar compositions created using a loop pedal and effects.

BW collection hero

A series of high contrast black and white photographs focusing mainly on close objects found in urban nature. All images are framed square for possible selection as future album images.