When I released the two improvisational instrumental collections recorded in RVA, there were questions about the soundscape on a couple of the songs – particularly given that these were recorded using an acoustic guitar creating all the loops in the recorded live performance.  It started with the disturbance engine from water, light, rust.

Another selection of synth based sounds came on the track entwined off brief architectures – a soundtrack created by mixing a loop based live track with a second, single take solo guitar.

Actually, both of these layers were recorded using a solo acoustic guitar.

I made a video (perhaps one of the more complicated I have ever made since I tend to only shoot with one fixed camera) to show off the effect rig and how the soundscape was created. Trying to re-create entwined – an improvised soundtrack that I didn’t really have any plans to ever re-create again when I recorded it to the video – was a bit of a challenge. But it sort of gets the point across…

It also gives a lovely view of what a mess my effects rig becomes while making the soundscapes.