So this is one I hadn’t panned to do, at least not this early.

There is a different vibe to the electronic drum based recordings from the first two albums in the remaster pile. They aren’t as tight and not as direct but also lack the folk band looseness that comes at the end of this period that is being remastered.

However, this song has hung around.

“Baudelaire is Dancing/The Song” is from The Great Divorce/Of Returning, recorded in Bloomington, Indiana in 1999.

From the number of ‘/s’ above, can you tell I was very into novellas? The album is compressed of two different song cycles, each about half an album. Now days, I seldom release anything more than 5-6 songs. Back the, you weren’t so lucky.

It was recorded on an old Tascam Digital something or other. Basically a digital version of a glorified cassette based four track machine. The internal memory was about the size of a walnut, so it mainly recorded onto Zip disks. And like analog four track machines of old, everything had to be bounced down to a track to make more room to overdub. If I remember right, it had the nifty little feature of two “virtual” tracks that would allow ping-ponging in a not entirely, totally, immediately destructive way. For one take, at least. And, at least the mixdown could be stereo that way.

“Baudelaire is Dancing” has been in my mind of late because I picked up this mandolin recently and this is the first song I started playing on it. I don’t quite know why, it just sorta happened that way.

Probably means that there will be a new version of this tune coming along at some point or another. And it will probably have a mandolin part. Just a guess.

One of these days I will figure out how to break “Baudelaire is Dancing” away from “The Song” and just let it stand on it’s own in a way that seems satisfying to me.

I also noticed that it has an odd quirk of an intro chord progression that never comes back into the actual body of the song. Working that in somewhere as a break is something to consider…

The Mando

If the video is slow to load you can find it on youtube HERE.

Baudelaire Is Dancing

With sin and error, avarice and vice
These tears wash the dirt from the days.
On broken roads paved with promises
We make our way.
Baudelaire is dancing
Watch the sugar melt from the spoon with a smile.
Baudelaire is singing
Once in a while
In the hour of night where the streetlights feign
A rough rendered portrait of life.
When the women young and old strive to beat the cold
And the strife.
Baudelaire is dancing
Drop your hand down from the glass till you turn a smile.
Baudelaire is singing
Once in a while.
This town’s changes serve to underscore
The ruts that have befallen rainless days.
When will the rains come, when will the storms
Wash it all away?
Baudelaire is dancing
In the hills outside this town that you so revile.
Baudelaire is dancing
Trying to keep the rhythm through the miles.
Baudelaire is dancing
Tapping lightly on the cobbles with a smile.
Baudelaire is singing
Once in a while…

The Song

I drop the bottle back and I know the score and I know the deck
has probably got me stacked here for another day.
So you’re not here now, but you never were and I’m pretty sure
that I really just don’t need you here today.
But I need the song…
I found a day last night and I seem to remember it right
and I don’t think that I’ll need this anymore.
So your frame came off of the desk and I weighed it in my hands for a second
then I stuck it deep inside the drawer.
I just need the song…
What of all the time, was it wasted in the end?
I guess I cut my loses and begin again.
After a while…
I’ll have the song…